I’m baaaaaaack.

Hey y’all! So it’s been over a month since I’ve posted…and I haven’t posted anything about my life since August. So, this blogging thing is going ~really well~ isn’t it? I’m going to try to go back to the past couple of months and briefly update y’all.

End of August

-Our cohort decided to get together for dinner and drinks at the Pour House in downtown Nashville. The weather was perfect, the view was gorgeous and the food was delicious.

llt 1

Thankful for new friends

llt 2

Some of our cohort

llt 3

Seriously fell in love with Nashville that night


Wow, a lot happened this month so bear with me!

-I went back to Georgia for Labor Day weekend, because my long lost suitie (freshman year suitemate) was back in town on leave from the military. Kaley and I went to Calhoun to visit our favorite ash-hole (her name is Ashley) and spend the afternoon catching up. We went shopping and had lunch before we said our goodbyes (I mean see-you-laters) to Ashley. Love and miss you my forever friend!

llt 4

llt 5 llt 6

Our candids are always great

I went home and my mom made me all my favorites, plus a new recipe that tasted like it came from the hand of Jesus.

llt 7

Bacon wrapped green beans. Yes, my mama is cooler than yours.

-Next, I had a lovely visit from Emily and Ethan. I’m SO glad y’all came up to visit. I had a lot of fun that weekend and hope y’all enjoyed Nashville.

llt 8 llt 9 llt 10

We went downtown for the typical tourist scenery. We ate dinner and saw live music at the Wildhorse Saloon, and then we walked down Broadway.

llt 11

The two lovebirds

This was the weekend that Georgia played Vandy (at Vandy) and what started out as “we’ll just watch the game at a local restaurant” turned into spontaneously buying tickets and watching the game. Well worth it! Well, except for when two Vandy fans decided to sit near us and laugh at us when we cheered…yeah, very funny sweet cheeks. Sorry that your team is losing and that your fan base doesn’t support your team/we outnumbered your fans by a long shot….at your own stadium. Okay, so obviously I’m a little sassy. It’s a gift really. To be honest, it really wasn’t a big deal and they only sat by us for a little while. Overall, Vandy fans were alright I guess.

llt 12 llt 13 llt 14

All in all, it was a great weekend catching up with these two!


This is hands-down my favorite month and it always has been. Fall, Halloween, football, etc. All my favorite things wrapped into one month!

-I started my field placement at the beginning of this month and look forward to this experience.

llt 15

An #ootd for my first day featuring new flats by Steve Madden and sleepy eyes from yours truly

-I was able to come home for a fun Fall weekend with my family. My mom’s side of the family does a “weenie roast” every year and it’s one of my favorite family traditions. Bonfires, s’mores, and family. What else could a girl want?

llt 16 llt 17 llt 18

(1) Yes, my cousin is wearing shorts. Georgia didn’t get the memo that it was October. (2) A quality grade selfie with Mammama (3) My sweet Taylor

llt 19 llt 20

Amber, Noah & I played ball. It was a great night!

The next day, Noah and I watched “scary” (children & family approved) movies under a fort, drank some hot chocolate and colored. I’m so glad to have a nephew who loves Halloween as much as I do.

llt 21 llt 22

Bella joined us under the fort. She really loves Noah.

Next, our family went to Mitcham’s farm for the corn maze and pumpkin patch. Although the weather had been rough earlier, thus making it pretty muddy, we had a blast!

llt 23

Noah pointing which way we should go.

llt 24

His thinking face

llt 37

I’m corny

llt 27 llt 26 llt 25 llt 28

There were several other activities at the farm.

llt 29 llt 31 llt 32

We took a hayride to see the pumpkin patch and the farm animals, but I failed to get a picture of those. I also failed to get pictures of the huge slide and corn shooter (my personal fave) but we had a blast!

llt 30

On the hayride with Gandy

llt 34

Why not take a cheesy car selfie?

We then went back home and painted/carved pumpkins.
llt 35

He’s not a fan of pumpkin guts

llt 36

L2R: Jared’s, Noah’s, Mine, & Kayla’s

Coming home meant I got to see my fur babies, so obviously this was a great weekend back home!

llt 38 llt 39

-Fast forward to last weekend when I visited my undergrad. I had a great time catching up with some old friends and hated that I didn’t get to see everyone! Hunter & Maddie, I’m coming back for ya in December! It was fun, Milledgeville!

llt 40

I was reunited with my first love, Velvet’s cheesy fries

And we took a bunch of silly pictures like we were 19 & crazy instead of old and granny-like grad students. Attention bobkittens: HAVE FUN and enjoy college before you enter the crippling world of adulthood.

llt 41 llt 42 llt 43

Well folks, that’s the timeline of my past couple of months. It’s been a busy one, but fun as well. Classes are now (as in compared to my last blog post) in the full swing of things and grad school basically takes up 98% of my time. School is going well though and I’m learning a lot about myself along the way. I believe that it’s important to love what you do and I’m excited that grad school is helping me get one step closer to my passion.

I hope that all of you are doing well and that you’re doing whatever makes you happy.

Until next time (which may be in 2 months LOL), thanks for reading this novel of a post.




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